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Application of caustic soda in cosmetics and detergents

The use of perk profit in cosmetics

The circle of using and exploiting the properties and application of caustic soda in cosmetics is very wide; Caustic soda, also known as sodium hydroxide, lye, etc., is a strong chemical substance with wide applications in various industries. In the cosmetics industry, caustic soda is used for adjusting the pH of products and as a cleaning and disinfecting agent.

This substance is very popular in the production of all kinds of soaps, because its reaction with fats and oils leads to the production of soap and glycerin. Also, in certain formulations for deep skin cleansers and exfoliating products, caustic soda is used because it helps to remove dead skin cells and clean its pores. In the following, we will examine more details about the use and application of caustic soda in cosmetics.

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cases of use of caustic soda in cosmetics and detergents

Caustic soda is one of the most key, best-selling and most important chemical compounds in the world markets, Europe, America, China and even Iran. All companies supplying cosmetics and health products use it and it plays various roles in different combinations. Buying caustic soda with high quality is very important for manufacturing companies.

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pH adjustment in cosmetics and detergent

As mentioned before, caustic soda is one of the most important chemical substances that is used in various industries, including cosmetics and detergents .One of the main uses of caustic soda in this field is to adjust the pH of products. The pH of the environment is a measure that indicates the acidity or alkalinity of a substance. For many cosmetic products such as shampoos, soaps, creams and face masks, the pH of the environment is very important. Improper pH can cause skin irritation, dryness, or even inflammation.

Therefore, by using caustic soda as a pH adjuster, we can ensure that our cosmetic products are pH-optimized and they perform according to the needs of the consumer’s skin and hair. These regulators are usually added carefully and using special formulations to maintain the optimal pH in the products and avoid the possibility of skin irritation and adverse reactions.

Caustic soda for the production of cosmetics

Improving the effectiveness and washing properties

This substance  is known as a very effective cleaning agent due to its special properties, including the ability to emulsify fats and remove dirt. Since caustic soda is able to break down fats and oils, it is used in the formulations of detergents such as shampoo, soap and body fluids to improve the washing performance of products.

By adding caustic soda to these products, their ability to deep clean, remove oils from skin and hair, and remove various impurities increases. It can also act as an anti-bacterial agent that helps improve skin and hair health by killing germs and bacteria on the skin. Therefore, caustic soda is very important as an active ingredient in the production of washing products, especially in the field of cosmetics and detergents.

Maintaining product stability

The range of application of caustic soda in cosmetics is very wide, and maintaining the stability of the product is one of the vital things in the cosmetics industry, and caustic soda plays a very important role as one of the important factors in this field. Due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, this chemical subtance is commonly used as a preservative in cosmetic product formulations.

By adding caustic soda to various products such as shampoo, soap, creams and lotions, it is possible to increase their stability and prevent their premature spoilage and contamination. In addition, this substance can act as a preservative in the process of production and packaging of products and by reducing the growth of microbes and fungi, it contributes to the shelf life and better quality of products. Therefore, the use of caustic soda in the process of production and maintenance of cosmetic products is of great importance as an effective tool to maintain their stability and safety.

Use of caustic soda in soap production

In addition to the important scope of  its exploitation, caustic soda or sodium hydroxide is one of the basic chemicals in soap production. This chemical compound is basically obtained by combining soda or sodium hydroxide with water. In the process of making soap, caustic soda reacts with oils or fats to produce glycerin and their sodium salts.

This chemical reaction is known as saponification. The final product of this process, soap, is a cleansing and emulsifying agent that is commonly used to wash and achieve cleanliness. Since caustic soda is able to produce strong solutions with high purification power, it is used as one of the key components in the production of effective soaps for cleanliness and hygiene.

Caustic soda for soap production

Production of shampoos and conditioners

Caustic soda is one of the important, main and essential elements in the production of shampoos, which is used as a strong cleaner. This chemical compound, which is prepared in solid and alkaline form, has a very powerful property in electroplating and removing various pollutions. The presence of caustic soda in the shampoo formulation, as a main cleaning agent, helps to stabilize the formulation and by increasing the pH of the solution, promotes positive effects on cleaning and eliminating oil and various impurities in the hair and scalp.

This allows the shampoo to have a good effect on the hair and scalp, and is also considered a high-quality and safe product for consumers. In general, the use of caustic soda in the production of shampoos can help improve the efficiency and performance of these products and create effective washing and deep cleaning.

The use of caustic soda in the processing and production of hair dye

Another important part of the scope of application of caustic soda in cosmetics is its use in the production of hair dye and the like. This chemical compound plays a very important role in the hair coloring process as an oxidized and colored hair opener. Caustic soda opens the layers of the hair and penetrates deep into them, this causes permanent changes in the structure of the hair, which allows the hair color to remain permanently.

In the hair dye industry, other compounds such as pigments and various additives are added to caustic soda to produce different colors. This sensitive and complex process requires high precision and experience to produce the desired and high quality hair dye, and for health and safety reasons, it is not recommended to use these materials at home and should be done by experts in this field.

Perk profit for producing hair color

Hair removal cream production

In addition to these explanations, you should know that the field of using caustic soda has penetrated the shaver and hair remover market even more than expected. The production of depilatory cream from caustic soda as one of the main ingredients which is worthy of attention. Depilatory cream is a cosmetic product used to remove unwanted hair on the skin. The use of caustic soda in the preparation of hair removal cream is very common because of its strong property in hair decomposition.

Caustic soda, with its hair-opening function, helps other ingredients in the hair removal cream to weaken the hair and separate it from the skin easily. In addition to caustic soda, moisturizing agents, oils and other chemicals are also used as essential parts of hair removal cream ingredients to reduce the possible side effects of using caustic soda, such as dryness of the skin and to maintain its moisture. This production process requires attention to health and safety standards, so that the final product is safe and effective for using on the skin.

Production of face wash products

Production of face wash products using caustic soda can be an effective solution to improve the performance of these products. Caustic soda, as a cleaning agent, can be an excellent and effective helper in the process of cleaning the facial skin. By adding caustic soda to the face wash, these products can provide the best performance, because caustic soda opens the pores of the skin, and it is easily cleaned of more impurities and oils that are on the skin.

In addition, caustic soda can better combine other ingredients in face wash products and increase their effectiveness. However, it is necessary to pay attention to other compounds used in products, health and safety of the production process, as well as necessary tests to ensure quality and safety for consumers.


In this article, we talked about the scope of use of  caustic soda in cosmetics; It should be mentioned again that caustic soda is one of the powerful and multi-purpose chemicals that has wide applications in cosmetics and detergents. Among its main uses, we can mention the production of soaps, shampoos, washing and cleaning products, all kinds of skin and hair care, as well as in the processing of other raw materials. This chemical composition with its alkaline properties has a potential ability in cleaning and disinfection, which is why it is used in the preparation of health and cosmetic products to maintain the health and cleanliness of the skin and hair.

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