Caustic soda

What Is Caustic soda? Varieties and applications

سود پرک را ازکجا بخریم؟

If you have ever come across the name of a product called: Caustic Soda you should know that it is one of the most important and useful chemical derivatives that is used in various fields and has a wide range of applications.

In the global or Iran’s market , if you intend to buy caustic soda, it should be mentioned that it is offered in different categories and each type of caustic soda has a vital role in industrial and research processes in industries and laboratories based on its purity and applications.

This substance is used as an important additive in the production of food such as animal and poultry feed, food packaging and even human food production. Due to its anti-bacterial and preservative properties, caustic soda can improve the quality and shelf life of food and gradually reduce waste and increase the expiry date of food products. Next, we will investigate caustic soda in more detail.

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What is caustic soda?

caustic soda, also known as sodium hydroxide or lye; It is a chemical compound with the formula NaOH. This substance is a strong base and is in the form of a white solid that dissolves well in water and creates a solution with strong alkaline properties.

Sodium hydroxide is used in many industrial processes, including paper production, aluminum refining, detergent production, as well as in water purification processes and making various chemical products. It should be used with caution; Because it can cause chemical burns and naturally it is expected that the said product has the necessary purity and quality to be used in a favorable condition from the technical and operational aspects.


Types of caustic soda in market

The diversity in the caustic soda market is due to several reasons. The first important reason is the different needs of different industries and processes. Each industry and each production process may have its own needs that create different requirements for caustic soda. For example, industries such as: paper production, soap, chemicals, food and medicine, each have different needs that require their own compounds.

The second reason for diversity is the market’s customers. Different customers may have different needs, required quantities, prices and etc.

Types of caustic soda based on purity level

The two main types of caustic soda include industrial caustic soda and laboratory caustic soda. Industrial soda with high purity, which is usually between 98.5 and 99%, is used in various industries, including paper production, soap, detergents, paint and resin, water and wastewater treatment, etc. This type of caustic soda is used as a basic raw material in industrial processes due to its suitable chemical and physical properties.

On the other hand, very high purity laboratory soda, which is usually around 99.9%; It is used as a standard in laboratories and pharmaceutical industries. Due to its high purity, this type of caustic soda is especially valuable for scientific experiments and research and is commonly used in research and academic laboratories.


Types of caustic soda based on appearance

In addition to the range mentioned, caustic soda, according to its appearance, forms two main categories. The first type is powdered soda, which can be seen as powder or fine white flakes. This type of caustic soda is usually used in industries such as: production of paper, soap, detergents, paint and resin, water and sewage treatment.

The second type is caustic soda pearls which can be seen as grains of different sizes and shapes. This type of soda ash may be available in small or larger grains and in different colors and is used in industries such as: agriculture, food production and pharmaceuticals.

خرید سود پرک

Liquid and solid caustic soda

Caustic soda is used in liquid and solid form, and each has its own specific applications. Liquid caustic soda is usually used as solvents and additives in industries such as coating, coloring, coating, chemical production, and even in food industries.This type of caustic soda is useful in many industrial processes due to its properties such as high transferability and solubility, improved mechanical properties and preservation of color in food.

On the other hand, solid caustic soda is in powder or granular form, which is mostly used in the production of chemicals, paints, soaps, heat-resistant coatings, rubber, and insulation materials.

Another form of caustic soda, as a main ingredient in the production and preparation processes of products, provides features such as chemical stability, purity and ability to combine with other materials, which is of great importance


Types of caustic soda based on packaging shape.

On the other hand, jumbo bag caustic soda is packed in large bags with a capacity of 1 ton, which are used for industries with very large needs for this material.

These two types of packaging are chosen to meet the needs of various industries and based on the volume required by consumers, and are used especially in the largest scales of production and consumption.

Application of caustic soda in industries

Caustic soda is one of the most important and strategic products and derivatives that is widely used in various fields.

  • Paper production
  • Soap making industries
  • Production of detergents
  • Paint and resin industries
  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Food Production
  • Agriculture
  • Textile industry
  • Production of protective and fireproof materials
  • plastic industry
  • Making tires
  • Oil and gas industries
  • Production of chemicals
  • Manufacture of electronic products
  • construction industry
  • Production of sound and thermal insulation materials
  • The automotive industry
  • Production of cosmetics
  • Metal industry

The above cases are some of the applications of caustic soda in Iran and the world, in parent companies and small and large productions.


Where to purchase caustic soda

Buying and providing quality and pure caustic soda is vital in any industry and process. The quality and purity of caustic soda can have a direct effect on the performance and final quality of the products. Due to the importance of raw materials in the production of any product, the selection and preparation of high quality and pure caustic soda is of particular importance. Pure caustic soda ensures better performance, stability of processes, and reduction of problems and defects caused by changes in raw materials.

In the meantime, if you intend to order and buy high-quality and cheap caustic soda in Iran’s market, Sud Parse Arvand Company is the supplier of it under the trade label and brand: Birco.

One of the most important advantages of buying caustic soda will be:

  • Guarantee the best quality and the best price
  • Authenticity of products in different volumes and packages
  • The possibility of preparing export samples that are supplied and conveyed to the markets of Turkey, Iraq, Greece, Egypt, UAE, etc.
  • Immediate delivery nationwide
  • The possibility of receiving expert advice before purchase

Final words

Caustic soda is used as an important chemical compound in various industries. This substance, with its purity and proper quality, plays a very important role in improving the performance and quality of products. There are different types of caustic soda that are used depending on the needs of different industries and processes. On the other hand, the preparation and supply of high-quality and pure caustic soda has a direct impact on the efficiency and sustainability of processes and final products.

Therefore, choosing reliable and reassuring suppliers and carefully evaluating the quality and purity of materials is of particular importance. By taking advantage of quality and standard caustic soda , different industries can improve the performance and quality of their products and as a result, increase customer satisfaction and strengthen their competitiveness.

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